How Do You Save Thousands When Selling Your House?

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Save Thousands When Selling a HouseGet A Free Real Estate Advertising and Marketing Package

David Jones Real Estate provides a free marketing package, including online advertising that promotes your property, not your agent.

Don't spend thousands on advertising that doesn't work.  



Real estate NegotiationAppoint A Trained Negotiator

Many thousands of dollars are lost buy home sellers when a buyer is found but the deal is poorly negotiated.

All David Jones Real Estate agents have undergone formal negotiation training and will actively negotiate with buyers on your behalf, so that you get the best possible price.



Real Estate First ImpressionsMaximise The First Impression

The first time a buyer sees your property it is most likely through an online property portal. 

To create the best possible first impression you high quality professional photography, videography and house plans.

You also need quality advertising copy writing that works.  Our inhouse creative team have the skills and experience to present your property online where it will be seen by the most qualified buyers.




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