Our points of difference...

Putting people first.

In an overwhelmingly online world, it is easy to forget that real estate sales is about bringing people, buyers and sellers, together and meeting the individual needs of real people. Through a comprehensive consultation process we will fully identify your property aspirations and needs, your financial parameters and your short and long term real estate goals. This process is ongoing until you have purchased or sold your property.

At David Jones Real Estate, we qualify our buyers before in inspections, ensuring that they are serious, market ready buyers and not time wasters. We keep in constant communication with our vendors, emailing weekly analytic reports on the progress of our marketing campaign and phone updates after each inspection.

All our marketing is produced and executed in-house with top of the range camera, drone and video equipment. All our agents are trained in media production and copywriting, ensuring that you aren’t paying for outsourced advertising.

Innovative sales and targeted marketing.

Our approach is to create Targeted Marketing Strategies for every property based on its unique appeal and attractiveness to different buyer demographics. For Real Estate Marketing and advertising, one size does not fit all. The generic online advertising as used by the bulk of the industry produces industry average sales results where as a tailored and targeted marketing strategy will generate a sale at the optimal price.

Real estate and technology.

Technology is constantly changing and we are committed to staying ahead of the industry in the innovative and strategic use of technologies from real estate advertising portals, social media platforms, CRM systems, Communications tools and data mining and analysis.

Where we sell houses.

David Jones Real Estate sells property from the Gold Coast to Brisbane. Our agents have lived, worked and grown up in this area providing a broad local knowledge. Our testimonials speak volumes of our dedication to possessing and tuning our skills in negotiation & marketing to provide the best result to your advantage, no matter where you live from Brisbane to the border.

Moral compass.

This comes back to putting people first. Our goal is not to make a quick sale, but to get you the best possible outcome as a seller or buyer by listening to you and communicating throughout the process.

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