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Free Real Estate Marketing

Zero Up Front Marketing Package

We provide a zero up front marketing package including online advertising

No Up Front Cost

No Up Front Costs

Don't outlay anything before you know what your agent can do.

Real Estate Agent Negotiator

Appoint A Trained Negotiator

David Jones Real Estate Agents are all trained negotiators

No Lock In Trial

30 Day No Lock In Trial

We keep our clients because we keep our promises

Selling Houses

The First Impression

A great first impression of your property is like dollars in the bank. 

Buyer Targeting

Buyer Targeting Strategies

We target the marketing of your house to the buyers most likely to pay top dollar

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Selling Your House

Your Agent Consultation

Excellence without effort is as futile as progress without preparation.
William Arthur Ward

During your agent consultation we cover how to save thousands of dollars by making the right decisions before you sell, on average we have found the difference to be between 3% and 10% on your sale price.

We thoroughly cover the following information:

The two most asked questions in real estate

1. How much is my house worth?
2. How much does it cost me to sell?

Our unique real estate selling propositions

  • No lock in 30 day trial (t & c’s apply)
  • Free marketing package (t & c’s apply)
  • Trained fully licensed sales agents

Why sell your house?

  • Should I renovate my home?
  • Should I refinance my home?
  • What research should I do before selling my home?

Learn the difference between

  • * Free market appraisal of my home
  • Market opinion of my home
  • Valuation of my home
  • Online market Apps
  • The worth of my home

Real Estate Marketing

  • How do I find the right buyer for my home?
  • Who are my likely buyers for my home?
  • Advertising placement
  • Pricing techniques
  • Difference between and reach of web portals
  • Effective copywriting
  • What information is most relevant?


  • When does negotiation start?
  • How important is a good negotiator?
  • Negotiation skills and technique
  • Qualifications

Selecting a Real estate Agent

  •  Do I need a real estate agent to sell my house?
  • Do all agents have the same qualifications?
  • What difference can an agent make to my sale?
  • What’s the difference between agents’ fees?

Champions do not become champions when they win the event, but in the hours, weeks, months and years they spend preparing for it. The victorious performance itself is merely the demonstration of their championship character.
T. Alan Armstrong

Preparing your house for sale

  • How to ready my house for sale (free booklet download)
  • How fast can I be on the market?
  • What sale method should I use?


Meet The Difference Makers

David Jones Real Estate Agent

David Jones Real Estate Agent

David Jones Real Estate Agent

David Jones Real Estate Agent


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